Motivational speaking

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Motivational speaking

Motivational speaking is one of the greatest passions of our co-founder, Zed Nasheet. Zed’s energy, fascinating life journey and high-valued informative content engage audiences across the country.

The knowledge and experience that Zed has accumulated over his career allow him to speak confidently about an array of topics, from the art of selling to the value of personal branding.

Over the past three years, Zed has spoken at a number of high profile events. This includes ‘A Million Dollar Evening’ with top producing U.S Real Estate agents, the Altman Brothers. Zed has also been a guest speaker for #1 UFC fighter, Georges St-Pierre.

Zed’s charisma combined with his deep understanding of a range of topics relevant to this audience, make him a superb speaker.

For all motivational speaking requests, call us on 0430 081 344.