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Game changer. Number 1. Top selling agent. Award winning. Record breaking sales. These are the consistent messages you’ll hear when anyone mentions the name Zed Nasheet. One of the most successful agents in Australia with over a decade of experience in the industry Zed is known as a leader in the industry. Specialising in the luxury market, Zed is not only in hot demand as a real estate agent, but also as a mentor to others. After winning the title of number one agent (VIC/TAS) not just once or twice, but four times, in a row the obvious move was opening Zed Real Estate – his own agency. Entrepreneurial and innovative, Zed was the first to make use of social media and technology to creates sales and interest in properties – something other agents were quick to follow. Zed’s history is impressive, he is known as the fastest selling real estate agency in Australia and has broken numerous records. In 2017 he broke not only a personal record but also an industry one when he alone listed and sold close to $30 million dollar’s worth of real estate in one month. It’s no wonder Zed has a constant request from industry requesting training sessions, mentorship and advice on how to get to the top. It would seem that everything Zed touches turns to “zold”. Extremely impressive for a young man who arrived in Australia with his family as a refugee at just 13 years of age from war torn Afghanistan. It’s a long way from those days with Zed not only launching his business but also creating a new breed of real estate television star in Australia with his web series Just Listed by Zed, and Zed Estate. With a work ethic that would rival an Olympian Zed Nasheet is a force to be reckoned with and the only agent really to choose when wanting the best for your property.

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