Prime Commercial Office with Upscale Features and a Convenient Location

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Introducing a Prime Commercial Office in a Desirable Location

Located in a highly sought-after area near a bustling train station, this prime commercial office presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking an ideal working environment. With its convenient transportation links, upscale features, and versatile layout, this office offers a range of benefits that enhance productivity, accessibility, and overall appeal.

One of the standout features of this office is its prime location. Situated near a bustling train station, the office enjoys the advantages of being in a high-demand area. The close proximity to the station ensures easy commuting for both employees and clients, reducing travel time and increasing accessibility. This advantage makes it an attractive option for businesses that value convenience and streamlined operations.

The office space itself boasts an upscale design and layout. Upstairs, you’ll find a dedicated area with three car spaces, ensuring convenient parking for staff and visitors. This feature adds a touch of convenience to the overall experience of the office. The downstairs area features a spacious and well-appointed boardroom, providing a professional setting for meetings, presentations, and collaborative work. The presence of these versatile spaces caters to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries.

As guests and clients enter the office, they are immediately greeted by a welcoming reception area. This stylish and inviting space sets a positive first impression and creates a warm atmosphere for visitors. Moreover, being within walking distance from the train station, the office benefits from high foot traffic. This presents an opportunity to attract potential customers or clients, further enhancing business prospects.

In addition to its convenient location and aesthetic appeal, the office’s surroundings offer an array of amenities. Nearby restaurants, cafes, and shops contribute to the overall convenience and quality of the location, providing employees and clients with additional benefits. This creates a pleasant and vibrant environment that fosters both productivity and employee satisfaction.

Beyond its immediate advantages, this commercial office holds excellent potential for business growth. The prime location and accessibility contribute to increased exposure and potential networking opportunities. The office’s desirability and convenience make it an attractive investment option, with the potential for rental income and future property value appreciation.

Notable features of this office include two kitchens and two toilets—one downstairs and one upstairs. These facilities offer practicality and convenience, ensuring that the daily operations of the office run smoothly. Furthermore, the office includes designated spaces such as a boardroom, a manager’s office, and a director’s office. These areas cater to the specific needs of management and facilitate efficient workflow within the organization.

With its prime location, convenient transportation, upscale amenities, and versatility, this commercial office offers an exceptional opportunity for businesses seeking a highly desirable working environment. Don’t miss out on the chance to secure a prominent space that embodies both functionality and potential for growth.

02 Features
  • Medical/Consulting
  • Floor Area is 256 m²
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