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Kappa Pugalendran

Kappa Pugalendran
Property Consultant

Kappa Pugalendran is a highly energetic individual with an innate ability to understand the needs and wants of others. He has extensive experience in banking, insurance, and renewable energy Sectors besides Real Estate. Kappa is all about timely communication and educating his clients about the market trends, your personal property, and the prospects for your own property. Kappa will prevail the opportunity for you and your property, and he will help you create wealth whether it’s by leasing, selling, or buying your next property.

What separates Kappa from many is his skills to understand human psychology on a deep level and use this knowledge to help others. Kappa loves traveling around the world and takes great joy in practicing breathwork and mindfulness daily, to expand his gifts and awareness.

Kappa’s vision is to create generational wealth so that he can help those around him live and breathe a better life. With this vision, Kappa can help you and support you with your vision.

Life is all about working together and giving back & one day leaving the world a better place. This is the moral and the legacy wish to leave behind. I have no other intention but to help you achieve your dreams in relation to the property and your needs.