Rad Sud

Rad Sud
Executive Assistant to Zed Nasheet

Rad comes from a family who has built, bought and sold homes for many years since moving to Australia. She has been actively involved in the processes surrounding decision making relevant to the fears every vendor faces.

After having extensive selling experience for 8 years, Rad has taken a leap into Zed Real Estate to give clients a seamless and exciting experience. She is dedicated to ensuring all clients enjoy the process and receive access to all assistance they may need.

Rad takes pride in providing top quality service and knowledge in the tireless process of selling a home. She understands the challenges every vendor faces and aims to enable an effective… I couldn’t quite complete it.

Interests and hobbies:

  • Hiking and yoga, I volunteer as a facilitator for drug and alcohol abuse with Sharc Org.

Languages – Hindi

Favourite quote: “Meet this transient world with neither grasping nor fear, trust the unfolding of life and you will attain true serenity.”

Mentor/role model – Tony Robbins