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Robert Curcio

Robert Curcio
Senior Property Consultant

With over 27 years of experience in the sales & service industry, Robert has the knowledge and understanding required to ensure his clients’ needs are met.  Robert believes that relationships and trust are key and is committed to providing efficient service at the highest quality with honesty and transparency throughout.

Robert is a high energy, confident, and has a genuine passion for property. With extensive knowledge in all facets of this wonderful industry, Robert is driven and motivated to ensure the clients achieve a premium result on every occasion with his unique, tailored, and innovative approach.

Robert has an incredible relationship and trust approach and as a result, he has transacted over $200,000,000 worth of properties over the past 4 years with an impressive conversion rate in which all properties listed on or off-market have achieved/surpassed the desired result in a timely manner.

Robert’s ability to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing property market along with his first-class negotiating skills and unequaled work ethic of being available 24/7 sets him apart from his competitors. Robert has no competitors as he is a brand in his own league. He works under one of the fastest and best result-driven agencies in the country. We highly encourage and recommend calling him and making your own decision by putting him to the test as there is nothing he loves more than connecting with his clients.

Outside real estate, Robert is passionate about his Martial Arts and has been dedicated to this for over 40 years, from training to competition to now teaching his art that has warped into a unique fitness academy.  Robert now devotes his downtime to assisting sporting clubs in his community in their strength and conditioning.

With Ita/Aus background, Robert is fluent in Italian and has a great love for his heritage, in particular food and wine which has played a key role in his previous career co-owning one of the largest & leading Hotel/Convention venues in Australia.