Steve McMenamin

Steve McMenamin
House and Land Specialist

Steve is a property industry specialist. I guide my clients through the property maze, to help them achieve their dream of owning property as an affordable means of generating income, wealth creation and retirement planning.

Residential Property, when well-structured and carefully selected, is a low-risk way to secure your future by gradually building a portfolio of income generating assets. Property, when held as part of a portfolio approach, has a historically strong capital gain profile which has proven itself time and again for over 100 years.

When approached in a considered and well-structured way, Property Investment is accessible to all working Australians and is the most productive, affordable and low risk method of long term wealth creation.

As a Property professional I also invest in and manage my own property developments. I have earned a respectful reputation in the building industry, through continual performance of a large referral network of property specialists and investors.

My specialties include: Property Investment, First Home Buyer Acquisition, Property Development and helping Australians fulfil their goals and financial dreams.

Whether you are interested in property as a means of investment, or you are a first home buyer,

Please call me for a confidential discussion on my mobile number.