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Tavab Nasheet

Tavab Nasheet
Director & Sales Manager

Tavab is an experienced businessman and a real estate agent. He brings to Zed Real Estate significant executive experience in business and Sales Management. With a natural entrepreneurial spirit and charisma, Tavab exudes a natural selling style that has been of significant benefit to his clients through a strong sense of client compassion and understanding.

Tavab’s corporate experience includes working at Vodafone and Optus before starting his own All-Phones franchise. He quickly grew this store to the top 150 nationwide and his kiosk to the top 3 in Australia. At the age of 21, he started investing in property and soon realised that his talents lay in real estate and that was the defining moment that helped him decide to join ZED Real Estate.

Tavab’s main area of focus at Zed Real Estate is to ensure that the Sales team maintain peak performance as a customer-focused powertrain. With the company’s strong mantra of exceeding customer expectations and peerless results delivery, Tavab’s drive and focus keep the Sales team motivated and high functioning. Driven by an ethos of discipline; under Tavab’s leadership, the Sales team have set a high benchmark for unprecedented results that saw the company achieve record-breaking sales in 2018.

Widely travelled and with an engaging and charismatic disposition, Tavab is comfortable in every situation and in any commercial interaction. He is supported by a loving, traditional family.  With a kind, easy-going and fun-loving personality, he takes the stress and complexity away from his clients when selling their property.