Exclusive offer for Emergency Services workers

Exclusive offer for Emergency Services workers

Zed Real Estate is in the business of acknowledging Australia’s unsung heroes: emergency services workers. Police officers work extended hours, including public holidays, to respond to threats on our roads, in our homes and in our schools. Paramedics sacrifice time with their families by responding to health emergencies at all times of the day and night. State Emergency Services (SES) and Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers brave extreme weather conditions in order to protect Australians in need.

Recognising these selfless yet underappreciated individuals, we will be offering all Victorian emergency services workers a fee of 1% commission (including GST) plus a $1,000 marketing fee for standard advertising, to have their house sold by Zed Real Estate. This represents an average cost saving of more than $12,500.

We encourage all emergency service workers to take advantage of this exclusive offer*.

*This concession applies only to the following Victorian emergency service workers:

Police, Paramedics, Firefighters, CFA and SES volunteers. Proof of current employment must be provided. This concession is limited to one use per emergency services worker. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.