The luxurious office that makes you begging for overtime!

By Merv Barrett

The team at ZED Real Estate has just finished their impressive 12-month project – they are finally opening their new, spectacular state-of-the-art office: ZED tower at 888 Nepean Hwy Hampton East.

This is the kind of office you can’t wait to get to in the morning. A harmonized palette with natural timber shades and prestigious black marble brings some real luxury to the workdays. Beautiful aesthetics combined with carefully considered details and superb functionality, and you might not want to leave!

Describing themselves as industry disruptors, ZED Real Estate is a progressive agency that is very actively using social media and new technology to fill the gaps in the market.

Zed Nasheet, the 30-year-old co-founder, Instagram influencer, and figurehead of Zed Real Estate, is also rated as one of the best real estate agents in Australia. Having already established himself as a successful businessman, he wants to share his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

My tip for people in their 20’s is if you want to make it, you really have to live and breathe it and do whatever it takes, as your standard 9-5 job is not going cut it

He explains that he and the whole team at ZED Real Estate have been working extremely hard to make this dream happen.

The office was designed by my brothers and myself, we wanted to create a one-stop-shop for everything real estate, from lawyers to finance, you name it we have it.